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Volunteer Vacancies
We have a number of volunteer vacancies at present, some of which take only two or three hours every couple of months. Below are brief summaries of some of the posts that need to be filled; for a full description of what is involved, please email or leave your details on our helpline 0118 940 3005 (open 9am to 6pm most days).

Muscle for Jumbles We’re not looking for Iron Man (or Woman)! We just need people who can help transport goods from our lockup to the Jumble Sales once every couple of months, and who can also lend a hand with some of the heavier lifting to set up and breakdown (mainly tables and small boxes). Generally this takes a couple of hours in the morning, and another hour at the end of the sale.

Fosterers Put simply, a fosterer looks after Cats Protection cats that are in care prior to re-homing. We pay the expenses, you provide the TLC, take the cat to the vet when necessary, and complete the paperwork when the cat is adopted.

Helpliners The main responsibility of a Help Line Person is to receive and answer all calls made to the branch help line during an allotted period of duty, usually one half day per week. You do this from your own home; your number is never displayed to callers. You take down information from callers and pass it to other volunteers for handling. You must have email and be able to complete a basic Word document.

Selling on eBay We are looking for someone to photograph and put up for auction via eBay items that have been donated to Cats Protection (usually via the CP Shop) that are identified as likely to raise more funds if sold via eBay. You would need some experience of using eBay, and room to store items that are currently for sale.

If you can help with any of these jobs, please email or leave your details on our helpline 0118 940 3005 (open 9am to 6pm most days). Thank you.

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